Treat yourself: A bit of the light fantastic

“Oh you do take yourself very seriously, lovely Lucy! I’ll tell you what you need…a bit of the light fantastic.”
A very dear friend in Ireland – a very beautiful, glamorous and wise lady now in her 80s – coined this wonderful phrase to describe the importance of allowing ourselves to make time for a little deliberate indulgence and treating ourselves to our favourite “nice things” every now and then.

Here are my favourite “light fantastic” go-tos:

  1. Pretty hair clips for my little girl (or ‘carelips’ as she calls them)
  2. Smarties. I know they’re made by Nestle. I’m sorry. I just love the colours (and the chocolate inside, obviously). They make me smile.
  3. A cup of tea, with a slice of coffee cake. Coffee cake ROCKS.
  4. Laughing hysterically, at anything really.
  5. Colourful post-it notes. Strange I know, but I love post-it notes.
  6. Posh make-up. Just because.
  7. A good blow-dry. See previous.
  8. A Dermalogica facial. Hmm I spot a theme emerging.
  9. A glass of champagne, from a beautiful glass. And it must be champers – on light fantastic days, no other fizz will do.
  10. The Golden Girls. This needs no explanation.

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