About me

IMG_5001 (1)I’m Lucy. I’m in my late thirties, married to a lovely man, and mum to an exhausting but delightful almost 3-year old. I grew up in Ireland and I’m Irish through and through, but London has definitely become where I belong. I just love London. Work-wise, I am a civil servant, and I’m lucky enough to work in a job-share, which is amazing on many dimensions (I may blog about the joys of job-sharing at some point).

Other bits worth mentioning:

  • A very long time ago I studied psychology – and organisational psychology in particular. Whilst I haven’t practiced as a professional psychologist, I’ve noticed more and more that my academic background influences how I approach and decipher things – in work, parenting, and life in general. I might blog more about this sometime.
  • I like lists (as will become clear), especially when they come with bullet points (that’s the civil servant in me), and over-using parantheses (already obvious). My excuse is that I use parantheses to punctuate my prose so that I can write as I talk.
  • I used to be annoyingly pedantic about correct punctuation and grammar. I like to think I still remember the rules, but I’m way more relaxed (about this and other things) than I used to be…life’s too short. Also, I want to avoid second-guessing myself too much on this blog (especially as over-analysing and procrastinating are two of my less useful tendencies). So if you are a stickler for these things, apologies in advance.

This blog captures my personal experiences and reflections, which leads me to two disclaimers:

  • Disclaimer 1: This blog is intended mainly for my own cathartic purposes, you understand. If anyone else finds it interesting, or even vaguely useful, that would be an unexpected (but lovely) bonus.
  • Disclaimer 2: Obvious as it is, but important to say explicitly – all views expressed here are my own, not those of my employer.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to get in touch:

@o_lkosullivan | email: lkosullivan at googlemail dot com