Things I’m interested in

As trailed elsewhere on the blog, I love a bulleted list. So here’s a trot through some of the stuff that I am interested in – the topics I wonder about when I’m driving alone listening to the radio, or that I rant fervently about when having a glass of wine with close friends who love me enough to listen to my ramblings.

  • Work life balance/family/parenting (e.g. the decisions we take), “leaning sideways”. Job-sharing, about which I am more than a little evangelical.
  • Singing – I’m an occasional soprano in semi-professional church and chamber choirs. I’ve sung since I was little and it gives me great joy (not to mention huge comfort and perspective when life stresses pile up).
  • Telling stories/narratives/the “making sense of life” and how social media has changed how we talk about ourselves online – the downsides but also the exciting opportunities of this.
  • Mental health, and particularly the links between mental health, relationships, group belonging, and identity. Because of my personal experiences (as a general stress-pot, and given the inevitably pretty dark times that accompanied my multiple miscarriages), alongside my psychology studies back in the day, I’m passionate about making it more ok to talk about mental health.
  • Miscellaneous other stuff I like to talk about: various public policy issues, religion (occasionally), politics (very occasionally), human behaviour in organisations, especially topics like leadership, decision-making, productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.